Dec 08.2017 

The third Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Swiss Ukrainian Milk Safety Project was held

The meeting of the Steering Committee of the Swiss-Ukrainian project "Establishment of a risk-based food safety control system in the dairy value chain in Ukraine" was held on the 7-th of December 2017. The meeting was attended by Volodymyr Lapa, the Head of SSFSCP, Holger Tausch, the Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine, Mykola Moroz, the Director of Food Department of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Manon Schuppers, the Director of SAFOSO, and the representatives of professional associations.

During the Steering Committee Manon Schuppers presented the report for the previous year and the action plan for the next year. All the Steering Committee members noted that in the previous year the Project had achieved significant progress in reviewing regulatory acts, finalized elaborating the proposals regarding the state raw milk control program, was finalizing the development of the technical specification of the milk module aimed at milk quality and safety parameters control, had developed and tested check lists for inspection of farms and milk collection points.

In addition, the Project held a number of trainings for SSFSCP inspectors on applying best practices in dairy animal husbandry and new approaches to inspection on the regional level in pilot oblasts and for milk producers, MCP employees and milk transporters – on best practices of quality and safe milk production and ensuring a cool chain. The Project initiated 3 round tables with the participation of dairy processing enterprises, milk producers and representatives of state authorities to discuss the important topic of inhibitor residues in milk and finding solutions to improve the situation. During the previous project year two international conferences were successfully held. They gathered dairy industry experts to discuss the most important issues in the field of ensuring milk quality and safety in Ukraine. Two study tours to Switzerland were organized for the representatives of 10 dairy processing enterprises and the risk assessment team. The Project actively cooperates with all industry associations on the initiative of which the workshop on the experience of Swiss dairy association in the field of milk quality and safety and economic impact of poor quality milk on processing was held.

According to Head of SSFSCP Volodymyr Lapa, the cooperation between the SSFSCP and Project in the previous year was producing positive results. He emphasized the efficiency in elaborating the inspection tools, holding practical trainings for inspectors and dairy processing enterprises as well as the English course for SSFSCP employees. “Almost all the work has been done on a high level and we observe a serous progress in the majority of issues on the agenda”, stressed Volodymyr Lapa.

Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine Holger Tausch noted that the Project was achieving tangible and practical results and together with the partners was significantly contributing to changing the food safety system into a risk-oriented one.

Mykola Moroz, the Director of Food Department of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, said that the Project and Ministry cooperated in two directions: elaboration of regulatory acts and consultancies, backstopping and informational support. The representatives of industry associations added that they actively participated in Project events and disseminated materials and information among their members.

On behalf of SSFSCP Volodymyr Lapa thanked SAFOSO, the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine, the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine and specialists of SSFSCP for the work done and cooperation.

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