Sep 26.2017 

Swiss-Ukrainian milk safety project held next trainings in Poltava oblast

On 18 September 2017 the Milk Safety Project organized the training for milk collection point employees and transporters in cooperation with Pyryatyn Cheese Plant PJSC. The aim of the training was to increase awareness on the importance of maintaining cold chain with high hygiene standards from a farm to a processing plant. During the training the Project speakers highlighted the following issues: best practices of transporting milk, milk quality control, sampling as well as whether cooling milk removes all the risks and whether personal hygiene is a part of the story.

Svitlana Tsarapina, the Technologist on Raw Material Quality of Pyryatyn Cheese Plant PJSC, also addressed the participants and presented the requirements of the dairy processing plant to milk quality control and record keeping. At the end of the training the expediter drivers of partner companies were presented stickers with the inscription “An unbroken cold chain for milk transportation is my responsibility”.

On 19-20 September 2017 the training for medium-sized milk producers which supply milk to partner dairy processing enterprises in Poltava oblast - Bilotserkivka Agroindustrial Group PE, Pyryatyn Cheese Plant PJSC and Orzhytsk Dairy Plant took place. The main aim of the training was to have clear understanding of importance to use best practices of milk production, livestock feeding and management, and milking hygiene to improve raw milk quality and safety.

Managers, livestock specialist, and veterinarians from 14 agricultural enterprises and farms gathered in Poltava for a theoretical session. The representatives of partner dairy processing enterprises addressed their milk suppliers stressing the importance of milk quality and safety aimed at processing. In her presentation Iryna Korzhova, the Deputy Director of Bilotserkivka Agroindustrial Group PE, focused on the influence of high levels of TBC and SCC on processing and processed products. Svitlana Tsarapina, the Technologist on Raw Material Quality of Pyryatyn Cheese Plant PJSC, stressed the importance of physical and chemical parameters of milk quality and absence of antibiotic and other inhibitor residues in milk.

Having considered technical issues, the next day the participants, with a prepared list of questions, had a study visit at a commercial milk farm of Bilagro LLC in Kolosiivka village, Velyka Bagachka district, Poltava oblast. Farm Manager Anatoliy Pypko introduced the farm’s performance indicators and together with Head Veterinarian Rustam Kriotory and the Project consultants professionally assisted the training. The key messages of the practical training were optimization of feeding to achieve high productivity indicators, stable health indicators and obtaining quality and safe milk while observing high hygiene standards.

The Project team is grateful to the management of Bilagro LLC, Farm Manager Anatoliy Pypko and farm employees for the opportunity to get acquainted with the best practices of milk production in Ukraine and readiness to share their experience and knowledge.

At the end of the training the participants received the posters about proper milking technique.

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