Aug 29.2018 

Training for the professionals of the SSFSCP in Poltava oblast was held

On August 20-23, 2018, the Swiss-Ukrainian Milk Safety Project trained the inspectors of the Main Directorate of the SSFSCP in Poltava oblast to raise awareness of the importance of using best practices for the production of safe dairy products and to apply a modern inspection approach at all stages of the dairy value chain. 20 state inspectors of the Main Directorate participated in the training.

During training, the participants updated their knowledge on the aspects of the use of best practices used to produce safe milk and increased awareness of changes in the food safety control system. Also, experts from the SSFSCP practically worked out the theoretical knowledge at dairy farm and processor.

The theoretical part of the training was devoted to the following topics: program of the health management of the herd and the program of control of mastitis, the correct storage and use of veterinary drugs, antimicrobial resistance, improvement of production processes on the farm in order to achieve low levels of total bacterial contamination; identification of animals, introduction of measures of biological safety on farms. Also, the project’s trainers and consultants told the participants about changes in the system of state control, on new approaches and lists of questions for inspection and on the principles of traceability in the production of dairy products.

Next day the group visited the milk processing enterprise PE "Bilotserkivska agroindustrial group", where in practice specialists of the SSFSCP worked out the use of checklist for inspection of the milk processing enterprise and evaluated the traceability system. The next stage of the training was the visit to the dairy farm PE “Komunar” in order to assess the milk supplier at PE "Bilotserkivska agroindustrial group".

During the third day of training, the participants discussed the results of the inspection of the dairy processor and the milk supplier, practically completed the assessment of the traceability system. During the last day the trainer from SSFSCP in the Poltava oblast prepared by the Project Natyahlyy Oleksii, who took part in a study trip to Switzerland, presented the system of risk-oriented control and inspection of dairy farms and processors in Switzerland. Coordinator of the 1st and 2nd component Viktoria Lets told about control on introduction of raw milk into circulation in pilot oblasts (Vinnitsa, Mykolaiv, Poltava, Kharkiv) in the framework of the Control Program of raw milk, which is being developed by the Project jointly with stakeholders and the SSFSCP.

As the results of the training, state inspectors received the certificates.

The Project Team expresses its gratitude to the Head of the Main Directorate of the SSFSCP in the Poltava oblast Pikul Gennady Ivanovych, as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PE "Bilotserkivska agroindustrial group" Viktor Korduban, Director of PE "Bilotserkivska agroindustrial group" Kovalenko Roman Volodymyrovych and Director of PE "Komunar" Dzhugan Oleksandr Vasylievych for the opportunity to conduct practical inspection for state inspectors of the Main Directorate of the SSFSCP in the Poltava oblast.

Next trainings will take place in other pilot oblasts of the Project in the near future: Mykolaiv and Vinnytsia oblasts.

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