Oct 19.2018 

Training for the employees of the territorial bodies of the SSFSCP in Vinnytsia oblast was held

On October 16 - 19, 2018 the Milk Safety Project conducted the training for inspectors of the Main Directorate of the SSFSCP in Vinnytsia oblast. The main goal of the training is to gain the understanding of importance applying the best practices in milk production and to raise awareness about the changes in the food safety control system.

The training was attended by 24 state inspectors from the Main Directorate of the SSFSCP in Vinnytsia oblast and 2 state inspectors from the Main Directorate of the SSFSCP in Lugansk oblast, which is not a pilot in the Project, but due to the relevance of the topics, specialists have expressed a desire to join the training at the expense of the Main Directorate.

The training started with the theoretical part, during which the project's experts presented topics related to the herd health management and control program for mastitis, proper storage and use of veterinary drugs, antimicrobial resistance and improved farm production to achieve low levels of total bacterial contamination. Speaker from the Main Directorate of the SSFSCP in Vinnytsia Oblast Andriy Salyuk, who participated in a study trip to Switzerland and trained by the Project, presented the specialties of the territorial departments the system of risk-based control and inspection of dairy farms in Switzerland. Participants were also acquainted with changes in the system of state control in Ukraine, with new approaches and check-lists for inspection and the principles of traceability in the production of dairy products.

The theoretical part of the training is closely linked with two-day practical training.

On the basis of the farm of Viitovetsky branch of "Zernoprodukt MHP", the training participants together with project experts worked in groups for the practical usage of questions for checking dairy farms, assessing critical points in the processes of milking and cooling, washing and equipment service, as well as maintenance of the udder health and animals welfare.

Participants also visited LLC “Loostdorf”, where specialists from the SSFSCP worked out the use of checklist for inspection of the dairy enterprise and assessed the traceability system on a real example.

During the last day of the training, the participants discussed the results of the educational inspection of the dairy farm and dairy processor. The coordinator of the 1st and 2nd components Viktoria Lets talked about the importance of control over the introduction of raw milk into circulation in the framework of program of raw milk control, which the project together with the interested parties and SSFSCP develops.

According to the results of the training, state inspectors received the relevant certificates.

The Project team is grateful for the help in organizing and conducting training to the Head of the expert group on safety and food quality of the Directorate for Food Safety and Quality of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy Natalia Shchirova, Head of the Risk Assessment Sector of SSFSCP Oksana Boreiko , Head of the Department of Food Safety and Veterinary Medicine of the Main Directorate of SSFSCP in Vinnytsia oblast Volodymyr Pavlushchyk, the head of the Unit of Food Safety Andriy Salyuk and CEO of LLC "Loostdorf" Oleksander Samokhvalov and the whole team of the enterprise, the management of "Zernoprodukt MHP" (Viytyvtsy branch) for the opportunity to conduct training for state inspectors of Main Directorate in the Vinnytsia oblast.

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