Apr 24.2019 

Training for medium milk producers in Vinnytsia oblast was held

On April 18-19, 2019, regular training was held for medium farms producing milk in the Vinnytsia oblast, where the Milk Safety Project works with dairy processors of LLC “Loostdorf” and LLC "Azorel".

The theoretical part of the two-day training consisted of three blocks:
1) Requirements of the new food law for milk producers;
2) Analysis of hazards in milk production and control at critical points: the importance of keeping records and ensuring traceability;
3) Health and welfare of animals: reducing the use of antibiotics.

Within the framework of the first block, Iryna Vysotska, coordinator of Component 3 "Involving the private sector in the food safety control system", familiarized the participants with the main functions of the software application "Dairy module", which was developed for the implementation of the Concept of the pilot project "Control Program of Raw Milk“.

The consultant Igor Prysyazhnyuk informed about the control of hazards at the level of production and storage of raw milk. The discussions were about the volume of documentation on the farm, and what instrument is necessary for ensuring traceability.

Valeriy Lototsky told about ensuring the health and welfare of animals, which is the most important prerequisite for reducing the use of antibiotics. If we can’t avoid antibiotic usage, it’s important to conduct laboratory research not only for the identification of microorganisms, the identification of sensitivity or the selection of antimicrobial drugs, but also for the effective development of biosecurity measures to protect against infection pathogens.

The practical part of the training took place at the farm "Zolota Nyva", Balabanivka village, Orativsky rayon, Vinnitsa oblast. Together with the specialists of the farm and the participants of the training, the project's trainers in real conditions asked the questions and provided answers regarding the traceability of milk production and proper animals keeping for ensuring healthy herd.

The Milk Safety Project team expresses its gratitude to the management and specialists of farm "Zolota Nyva" for the opportunity to conduct practical training in their territory.

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