Apr 24.2019 

Training for medium milk producers in Poltava oblast

On April 22-23, 2019 a final training for medium farms that was the part of the series of trainings to ensure traceability and reduce the use of antibiotics in milk production was held in Poltava oblast.

The safety of raw milk must be confirmed in ways that are equivalent to European ones. Thus, Ukrainian milk producers as the market operators should also adhere to the key obligations set by the new food law: traceability and transparency. Concept of the pilot project "Control Program of Raw Milk" is based on these principles. For implementation pilot project software application "Dairy Module" has been developed (more details).

The registration number that assigned after the state registration of facilities to milk-producing farms and the issuance of an operating permit to milk collection points, is used for the registration of market operators in the program application. Registered in Dairy Module market operators, which adhering to the minimum periodicity of raw milk research, are "transparent" because the results of the research are available to the competent authority and, consequently, reports about inconsistencies (automatic calculation of the average geometric value for the total bacterial contamination and the somatic cells counts) will be notified.

During the training the consultant Igor Prysyazhnyuk told more about traceability. Using example of the North American farms he talked about HACCP as a system for analyzing hazards and control at critical points, in particular, in the production and storage of raw milk.

At the end of the first theoretical day Valeriy Lototskyi presented the possibility of reducing the use of antibiotics in the farms. The trainer has focused on the four most common problems for solving which antibiotics are used:
- Mastitis;
- Metric;
- Traumatism;
- Diseases of the young.

Considering each of these cases, the participants not only understood how to predict, avoid or reduce the need of treatment, but also changed their mind about animal welfare.

The second day of the training was practical and took place on the "Agrofirm Dovjenko", village Tyshchenky, Shishatsky rayon, Poltava oblast. Using the example of a production unit that is the part of agro-industrial holding “Astarta-Kyiv” trainers of Milk Safety Project together with the experts of the farm worked with the participants in two groups: the first one is traceability on the farm and necessary procedures; the second one is proper animals keeping for the animal’s welfare and health.

The Milk Safety Project expresses its gratitude to the management of the livestock sector of the agro-industrial holding "Astarta-Kyiv", specialists of the production unit "Agrofirm Dovjenko" in the village of Tyshchenky for the openness and the exchange of experience in the best practices of milk production.

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